AMSTRDM website

AMSTRDM is an audiovisual production company for entrepreneurs, companies and artists. Their motto is to translate speech into dynamic and creative productions. They produce and coordinate projects, which go from their own parties, like the AMSTRDM Party, to music videos and short films.
The mission was to create their first website. My role in this project was to design the interface, from the strategy to the high-fidelity prototype.
Role UX/UI designer
Context Internship
Year 2017
Product objectives & user needs

To define the site's strategy, I wanted to answer two basic questions: "What do we want to get out of this product?", to define the product objectives from the owners' point of view and "What do our users want to get out of it?" to define the user needs. Some of the techniques I used were: Competitive audit, user segmentation and interviews with the stakeholders. It was found, then, that they needed a gallery for the pictures and videos they take in their own events and a portfolio for their production works.

This site has two main audiences: People who want to see their previous works to hire them for a new job, and people who would like to see photos of the previous parties, whether they attended one or just want to know more about them.

Content requirements

These two audiences will visit the site primarily to see the audiovisual content produced by AMSTRDM. Therefore, this content needs to be the priority in the website, creating impact and grabbing people's attention with high quality images.

The site needed to revolve around six main pages:

— Home: Where the company and their latest works are briefly presented.
— About: Where the user gets more information about the company, its services and the team.
— Contact: Where the user can find contact information, such as address, email and social networks.
— Events: List of parties and related events.
— Works: List of external works.
— Search results: Where the user can see all the works/events related to a word they searched for or related to a tag they clicked on.



Final prototype

Other pages