Myme website

Myme is an online marketplace and high standard hospitality service in Rio de Janeiro. The company offers short-term rental options, prioritizing comfort, reliability and the best cost-benefit ratio. Their goal is to provide the experience of feeling like part of the local population, offering the best in lodging, entertainment and tourism.
My challenge was to design their first website.
Role UX / UI
Context Internship
Year 2016/7
Product objectives & user needs

The website's objetive is to explain to the user what service the company offers and how they can hire it. Then, show the options and benefits the user will have if they choose Myme's services. The design needs to have an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, with a touch of sophistication, so the users feel secure enough to spend money there.

This site has three main audiences:
— Family: Usually couples who travel with children and prefer to stay at safer places;
— Corporate: People who travel for work and want a high standard hospitality service;
— Casual: Young couples and groups of friends looking for trendy places to visit.

Content requirements

The goal is to make people use Myme to rent a house/apartment/room. However, to make this happen, a third-party search and reservation system will be installed on the site. So, I was assigned to design all the other pages:

— Home: Where the user can search for houses/apartments/rooms to rent, see information about top-rated options, see popular destinations, read more about the company's services and read reviews from previous clients.
— About: Where the user gets more information about the company, the previous clients and the team.
— Contact: Where the user can find contact information, send a message to the company and read about job openings.
— Help: A list of frequent asked questions about Myme.
— Blog: Posts with tips on how you can travel better, cheaper and smarter.



Sketches & Wireframes

Final prototype

Other pages