Observatório blog

Observatório is Hitsy’s blog about design, culture and innovation. The blog was created mainly to support their events/courses and to share the company's thoughts.
My challenge was to create the blog customizing a Wordpress template and integrate it to Hitsy's static website.
Role UI / Front-End
Context Internship
Year 2017
Product objectives & user needs

The goal was to create a more “vivid” section in the company’s website. However, it was very important that the blog still had the same look and feel as the other pages. The company’s main colors are black, white and gray. A turquoise shade was added to give it a fresh feeling.

Hitsy’s website audience is mainly designers and people who want to hire their services. It’s an audience that cares a lot about graphic quality and is likely to choose a post from images as much as topics, so I needed to make the pictures in the layout stand out to create interest.

Content requirements

The blog starts with a big section for the most recent post, followed by the other posts in a grid layout and a widget showcasing their latest photos on Instagram.
The posts thumbnails are all composed similarly (consistent colour schemes, fonts and spacing) so they don’t feel mismatched when presented side-by-side and don’t lose the company’s identity.
The single post page also starts with a big image, followed by the post's content, sharing options, author information and the previous/next posts links.

The Wordpress template used as a basis is Kalium.

Final layout

Single Post Pages